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The Ateam

The Ateam

The 'A' in Ateam stands for Activate - because at Bethany, we believe every person should be activated in their God given purpose and giftings. As a part of the Ateam, you can discover the unique skills and purposes for your life while serving the local church in a fun, life giving atmosphere.

How do I Start?

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The Two Branches
of the Ateam

Ateam Serve

The Ateam is what makes the weekends happen. We couldn't do anything without the help of this talented team of dedicated volunteers. It's a great spot to use your gifts and find purpose through serving in the local church. 

Do you love meeting new people and connecting in new relationships? Maybe Guest Services is just the team for you! Is prayer your passion? Join the Intercessory Prayer team at your campus! Maybe you have a special talent and gift for cameras and photography? Small teams like these, as well as teams for parking, security, lobby hosts and greeters, sanctuary hosts, BKids and BTots volunteers, worship and more all make up the Ateam. No matter what your gift or skill or passion is, there is a place to serve and to find purpose.”

Join This Team Areas You Can Serve

Ateam Outreach

Ateam outreach is dedicated to reaching the local community and making a positive impact in the lives of those in need. Whether you are looking to volunteer your time or donate resources, there are many ways to get involved. Find purpose and a sense of community as you serve alongside other like-minded individuals. We provide training and support for all volunteers, so whether you are new to Bethany or have been a member for years, there's a place for you on the Ateam!

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Areas You Can Serve

Ateam is comprised of many small teams and groups of people that together help us accomplish a lot. Browse the teams below to see what interests you.

  • Ateam Coordinator

    The team helps to create a warm, welcoming, and prepared environment for our weekend services.

    This is a team of trusted individuals that help ensure the campus is prepared to receive people. They are knowledgeable about placement of volunteers on a Sunday morning, such as the lobby host or parking volunteers. They are ready and available to help with special elements on a Sunday morning and gather information necessary during the service.


    • Be engaging with volunteers and guests to help create a smooth and great experience!
    • Be approachable by carrying a joyful demeanor. 
    • Be flexible! Elements of the service or volunteer attendance may change.
  • Altar Ministry Team

    The Altar Ministry Team connects with new believers in a relational way, helping them to feel welcomed into the family and know what is next in their walk with Christ.

    The altar ministry team will meet new believers at the altar immediately following their decision to follow Christ. Members will ideally meet one-on-one with new believers, pray with them, help them to fill out a salvation card, and connect with them during the week through phone call, text, or meeting up. The goal is to make a serious connection with each new believer and assist them in this new process of following Jesus!


    • This team has a huge heart for the lost and is passionate about new believers
    • Maintains a joyful heart and genuine interest in each new believer’s story and needs
    • Can easily communicate with others and is a people person
    • Smile, smile, smile! 
    • Sees themself as playing a monumental role in the new believer’s life, helping to bridge the gap between new salvation and mature believer.
  • Baptism Team

    The Baptism Team helps to create and execute a great experience for those taking their next step in water baptism.

    This team helps to greet and check-in guests as they arrive and assist and connect with guests while they wait for the baptism teaching. They ensure there is reserved seating for guests and their families in the sanctuary and that all being water baptized have everything they need for an incredible experience. 


    • Let's be enthusiastic and engage! This is a monumental moment for those taking this step 
    • Be engaging by asking questions and connecting with families
    • Be aware how people are taking this moment! Some are excited, but others may be nervous. We want to make sure to care for people well that morning
    • Be intentional! Remember we are connecting them further into the family of God, so be intentional to invite them to Next Steps, Prayer, etc.
  • Bethany Kids

    The Bethany Kids Team consists of those who serve in any capacity within the preschool or kids ministries. These positions range from junior volunteer to service coordinator. This team is not a babysitting team! They invest in future church leaders, doctors, missionaries, pastors, and politicians that the Lord will use to transform families and communities around the world!

    There are many facets to kids ministry and many areas to serve within Bethany Kids. From classroom teacher, to door greeter, to worship leader, to small group leader, to craft prep or data entry - there is a place for everyone within this team!


    • This team has a massive servant’s heart! We take serving the next generation seriously!
    • Has a heart for children and the family unit
    • Desires children to grow and mature in the Lord; believes there is no junior Holy Spirit
    • Values timeliness
    • Has a teamwork mentality and can easily integrate into a team setting
  • Check-In Team

    The Check-In Team assists families to check in children from Btots to Bold57 at the designated check-in areas. Check-in areas are equipped with iPads for both self check-in (for returning families) and manned stations for new families or edits to family household information. 

    The check-in team is located at the check-in iPads and is knowledgeable about Planning Center Check-Ins, where each ministry is located, and general information about Btots, Bkids, and Bold57. They assist new families by adding them into the check-in system, print name tags and pick-up tags for families. They are aware of our secure check-out procedure and uphold a standard of excellence and security.


    • Smile, smile, smile! Families, especially children, are drawn to an inviting face
    • Create an “at-ease” environment for hesitant children or parents
    • People over process - we always want to be as accommodating as possible
    • Uphold a secure check-in and check-out process as security is a priority for our families
  • Coffee Cart

    The Coffee Cart Team is filled with individuals who excel at multitasking! The Coffee Cart was founded by Bethany College, which remains a major connection-point for those purchasing coffee. As this team makes amazing drinks, they also create an avenue of connection for Bethany College. They love talking to people, staying on task, and probably love a good cup of joe!

    This position requires an individual who multitasks by crafting one-of-a-kind Bethany College cold brews and connecting with guests. This is a place to mingle, meet new and returning guests, learn their stories, and bring a little bit of culinary creativity to their Sunday experience! 


    • We treat everyone getting a drink as our own personal guest
    • Make connection a priority, learning a little about each guest’s story while preparing a small cup of joy before they enter the sanctuary. This should be the difference between a regular coffee shop and the BC Coffee Cart experience!
    • This team is is diligent, organized, and enjoys maintaining a clean and excellent space
    • Produces a consistent product every time
  • Family Host

    The Family Host Team will be the concierge for families. It is our heart to serve all people who enter the doors of Bethany, and what better way to do that than through serving the entire family unit?! The team truly loves families and has a heart to serve the entire family, helping to create an excellent experience for each family member.

    The family host will make themselves available to families by being stationed in and around the lobby and sanctuary. They will be equipped with information about the Parenting Room, Nursing Mothers Room, and Next Gen Ministries - Btots, Bkids, and Bold57.


    • Create a welcoming space by smiling and creating conversations with families
    • Maintain interest during conversations by making eye contact and listening actively will help families know you’re invested in their well being and willingness to assist - families want to know you’re for them!
    • Have an eagle eye! Be on the lookout for new families or those who look like they don’t know where to go

  • First Impressions

    The First Impressions Team helps to create a clean and pleasing environment for anyone stepping onto a Bethany campus. From the grounds to the bathrooms, this team is focused on the aesthetics of the building.

    First Impressions team members arrive before attendees and “sweep” the building before services, tidying unorganized areas and identifying aesthetic needs. This team looks at the campus through the eyes of a guest, taking care to tend to the details. They might organize the counter of the Welcome Center, toss old push cards, spruce up a flower bed, sweep leaves from the sidewalk, or tend to other areas needing assistance.


    • Has an eye for detail and excellence
    • Displays a heart for or has the gift of hospitality
    • Arrives early
    • Takes initiative, but is also teachable
  • Guest Services

    The Guest Service Team is intentional with connecting to our guests and are the most knowledgeable about all ministries within Bethany. They are equipped with information and ready to share with those who are in need and ready to connect with new families.

    This team connects with guests and offers prayer. They serve our guests well by being able to answer questions and provide up-to-date information. This team ensures we are well stocked with first time guest gifts, connect cards, pens, and other needs at the Welcome Center. They assist guests to fill out connect cards completely, accurately, and legibly. At the top of each card write down campus, service times, and date.


    • Make it personal! This team desires to help guests make lasting connections with those at Bethany, but ultimately with the Lord  
    • Speak into their life! Words are powerful, so let’s be encouraging
    • Be relational by asking questions to get to know guests and their experience at our services

  • Hospitality Team

    The Hospitality Team creates a welcoming and distraction-free environment for fellow volunteers on a Sunday morning.

    This team serves both those who are serving and all guests as a whole! From ensuring volunteers have needed elements for their areas to brewing coffee for the Ateam room, these individuals carry a hospitable heart and love to serve! 


    • Be engaging and take initiative! If there's a need, you help to fill it. 
    • Be approachable! Make sure to have a smile on your face and a calm demeanor. 
    • Has a heart to serve and welcome others into their space and takes ownership of the Ateam area and campus.
  • Lobby Host

    The Lobby Host Team is the LIFE of the lobby! They set the tone of expectation and excitement as attendees enter the building and make their way into the service.

    Lobby Hosts are the ultimate greeter, bringing people into life as they open doors for and greet guests entering and leaving the lobbies. They pass out special elements needed for service and are engaging with guests so that everyone feels welcomed.


    • Be engaging! Take opportunities to approach guests to make them feel welcome and at home
    • Be approachable and attentive by wearing a smile, greeting, and minimize distractions like looking at a phone
    • Always take the opportunity to walk our guests to places instead of pointing - this is the ultimate service experience!
  • Parking Team

    The Parking Team is filled with organized individuals who help create an orderly, friendly, and safe environment as people drive onto our property. It is a great place to get connected and serve if you love the outdoors and love interacting with people. They are the beginning and end of everyone's experience here at Bethany. 

    Parking team members help guests find the best place to park, create safe walking lanes, and facilitate traffic flow before and after services. This team has certain roles before services, such as placing out cones, campus flags, and any signage needed for upcoming services.


    • Help each person to feel “welcomed home” when they arrive
    • The parking lot is where everyone gets their first taste of the Bethany Experience - maintain positive interactions and create a fun, life-giving environment
    • Maintain a smiling face!
  • Prayer Team

    The Prayer Team assists the mission of Bethany by preparing the atmosphere through prayer and intercession before and during the services. 

    During the message, prayer team members intercede for our pastor (and any communicator) as he speaks. Members also confidentially pray for any requests received during the week. We are committed to prayer for our pastors and church daily.


    • Through prayer, we help people connect with God.
    • Through prayer, lost people find their way back to Jesus.
    • Through prayer, believers are encouraged and strengthened to fulfill Christ’s commission in Mark 16:15-18.
    • We are joyful and happy intercessors!
  • Sanctuary Host

    The Sanctuary Host Team creates a welcoming and distraction-free environment in the sanctuary before and during services. 

    This team welcomes in and guides guests to the best available seats. They are knowledgeable about specific areas in the building, such as the Parenting or Nursing Mom Rooms, and help to calm and mitigate disruptions during the service.


    • Be engaging and take initiative! Approach guests who may be looking for a seat and seek out opportunities to improve the sanctuary environment during service 
    • Be approachable! Make sure to have a smile on your face and a calm demeanor
  • Security Team

    The Security Team is the eyes and ears of Bethany Church, creating a safe environment for attendees, pastors, other Ateam members, and all who are on Bethany property. 

    This team helps to secure a safe and orderly environment for weekend and mid-week services. Team members will be positioned throughout the campus in and around the lobby, sanctuary, Btots and Bkids hallways. Team members may be required to perform building sweeps, identify suspicious activity, or help evacuate the building in an emergency.


    • Safety first! This team is serious about the safety of every person who enters our building
    • Maintain a heart for people by smiling at those walking through the building and being the first to assist in any situation
    • Keep your eyes peeled! This team maintains awareness at all times, keeping distractions at bay
    • Teamwork makes the dream work! Communication and camaraderie are key in this team, as you are in constant communication with other security members and the security lead at your campus.
  • Set Up / Tear Down (Ascension Campus)

    The Set Up / Tear Down Team is the hands and feet of this Bethany campus! When a Bethany campus utilizes a rental facility for services, such as a school, this team transforms the facility into a Bethany campus, creating the same welcoming environment found at any of the permanent Bethany campuses.

    Set up members will meet at the appointed storage unit on Saturday evening to load equipment onto the truck. Members will then meet Sunday mornings at the school to unload and set up the sanctuary, stage, and kids areas. 

    Tear down entails tearing down the spaces, loading the truck, and unloading at the storage unit. Specific times and information will be given by Team Leads.


    • Bring energy! This team arrives early and stays late
    • Creates an inviting environment for attendees to hear the Word, worship, and connect
    • Maintains a teamwork mentality
  • Translation Team (South Baton Rouge Campus)

    The Translation Team serves the international community by translating the message from English to Spanish (with intent to grow and translate into other languages in the future).

    This team is broken into two roles: 

    (1) Translator - the translator receives the message notes prior to Sunday service to understand the heart of the message and what is being communicated. This person, located in the translation room, will also translate the message in real time to those who have a translation device.

    (2) Translation Assistant - the translation assistant, located in the lobby, connects with those who need a translation device. They provide equipment and give instructions for those using the devices during service.


    • Have a heart for the Word to be preached to all 
    • Maintain a dynamic and inviting personality, making each person needing translation feel welcomed and a part of the Bethany family
    • Connection is key! Help to include families in your circle and connect them to others who are utilizing translation services