Wisdom Is the Way

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • May 19

In a world overflowing with information yet often starved of true wisdom, we find ourselves in dire need of guidance that cuts through the noise of confusion. Today's message focuses in on the importance of wisdom in our lives and takes a profound look at how King Solomon, one of the wisest figures in the Bible, sought and received wisdom from the Lord and how we can apply that same wisdom to our lives.

King Sized Lessons

Have A Heart

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • May 12

Will you go against the grain of culture and step into what God has for you?

King Sized Lessons

Insecurities Ruin Destinies

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • May 5

Join us as we explore the deep-seated insecurities that plagued King Saul, a man chosen by God to lead His people and how through his insecurities, we uncover timeless truths about the human condition for validation and significance, and why we need to find confidence in Christ alone.

King Sized Lessons



Pastor Randy Bezet • Apr 28

God doesn't want us to walk through life alone but instead wants to partner with us to accomplish His will. Join us for this message about walking step in step with the Holy Spirit by special guest speaker, Pastor Randy Bezet.

Working Together With God

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Apr 21

God still wants to partner with people to do miracles!

Near but Not Close

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Apr 14

Sometimes, we can feel near to God but not close to to Him. In this message, discover God's heart for us and how He wants us to not a distant but close relationship with Him.

I Will Stand for Truth Even if I Stand Alone

Pastor Joakim Lundqvist • Apr 7

Even when things look bad, will you stand for truth? Take a listen to this inspiring message about standing against culture in pursuit of Jesus!

My Testimony


Will You Believe Our Testimony?

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Mar 31

Join us this Easter for a special message on the importance of testimony and why it's so crucial for Christians to not only witness what Jesus passed on throughout history, but also to share in what we see and experience.

My Testimony

The Crowd of Testimony

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Mar 24

Everyone has a different story but there is one thing for sure, that there is power in our testimony... Let's take a listen to different people in different walks of life hear how God has transformed them and how He can transform us!

My Testimony

My Testimony: Derek Carr

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Mar 17

No matter your story, God can use you in mighty ways. Check out this special interview with the New Orleans Saints quarterback, Derek Carr, as he walks us through his inspiring testimony and empowers others to speak boldly for Jesus!

My Testimony

In the Mix

Pastor Wayne Brown • Mar 10

Being in a mixed family can be a unique journey! Let's discover what the Bible says about being in a blended family from the perspective of the book of Ruth.

Power Family

Raising Champions

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Mar 3

We get it, parenting can be roller-coaster... join us to learn the secret to creating strong foundation for your family which will establish a long lasting legacy!

Power Family


The Power of Stay

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Feb 25

Marriage is a journey! In this first installment of our series, Power Family, learn how God views marriage and how to apply Biblical principles to flourish as a couple.

Power Family

Build Your Church

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Feb 18

We are excited and eagerly anticipating all that God is going to do in and through Bethany Church now and in the future! Get ready to hear some incredible things that are on the horizon for Bethany Church in the coming years as we worship and hear about all that God is going to do in the future.

Overcoming Depression and Despair

Dr. Andy Yarborough • Feb 11

Learn to not just survive depression and despair, but overcome mental illness through Jesus, who is our physical and spiritual Hope!

Through the Deep

Get up and Eat

Chris Durso • Feb 4

Are we emotionally aware of what's going in our lives? Learn the surprising truth about anxiety, depression, and burnout and why we don't have to live in darkness.

Through the Deep


Through the Storm

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Jan 28

Through life's storms, learn how to cultivate a heart of gratitude and predetermine to worship the Lord in the midst of chaos.

Through the Deep

Our Priestly Duties

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Jan 14

Discover the responsibilities we have as priests in God’s tabernacle.

Sacred Spaces

Preparing for Presence

Pastor Jonathan Stockstill • Jan 7

Exodus 25: Understand the steps that bring us into right standing with God.

Sacred Spaces